VHANS Studio has started its business of co-production film in 2000. Our co-production includes documentary film, TV film, fiction film, TV commercial, image film etc. We provide services of international quality standards to professional filmmakers within China and overseas.

Pre-Production Research
Based upon the project concept, we conduct research with regard to the feasibility of the project, collect core information as well as suggest feasible shooting proposals. In addition, we support our partners to choose suitable shooting locations and respective protagonists for their films.

Consultant and Application Service for Film Permission
Our company will apply for the filming permission for the entire film project.

Film Equipment and Professional Filmmaker Team
VHANS is able to provide you with all kinds of film equipments as well as a professional filmmaker team.

We can provide the entire postproduction services, such as film development, film-to-video (TC), editing, digital production, composition, dubbing, post synchronization, etc.

Film & Footage Materials Copyright Trading
We can procure you with complete films and footage materials as well.